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Jock Straps

The most common way to wear a jockstrap is to put it on immediately over the skin, as the bottom layer. The leg straps can be seen through white or short shorts. If this is embarrassing, one can wear the jock under trackie bottoms - also sold here! The pouch goes in front and the legs go through the leg straps. Pull it up and adjust to comfort. Some men like their penis to point directly up, others like it pointing either to the left or the right, while still others bend it forward so it points down. Pointing down is most comfortable when wearing a cup type Jock. It can cause problems in an erect or partially erect state while pointing to the side can cause hanging out the edge. A lot of times the penis ends up moving and pointing to one side or the other which if this happens you just need to readjust a little to keep pointing the way you want. The cup, if applicable, can be inserted before or after the jockstrap is worn. Make sure the rim of the cup firmly comes in contact with the pubic bone without resting on the genitals otherwise impact injuries can occur. A jockstrap can also be worn under pants. They are very useful to wear instead of regular underwear during hiking, biking, camping, or other outdoor activities as they absorb less moisture than a pair of cotton briefs and can provide much needed cooling. Jockstraps can also prevent scrotal chafing and impact because the scrotum is lifted away from the thighs, very useful while hiking long distances. Since most jocks are a cotton, polyester and/or spandex blend, they can easily be washed and hung up to dry quickly each night.

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